About Photo a Day

Accomplishing most things is more difficult when you've got a little one at home: a clean kitchen, a balanced meal, a vacuumed floor are converted from simple household tasks into feats of unparalleled magnitude. Oh, and a shower? That's a downright miracle -- especially if you're not trying to soothe a fussy baby while soaking wet.

Personal development and artistic expression can definitely fall to the wayside as well.

Photography has been more than a hobby for me for quite awhile. But after having a baby, I saw my dream of turning this passion into a business slipping through my fingers. It was all about her, and giving myself the chance to practice and improve at what I love became a priority of decreasing importance.

Keeping this photo-a-day blog/journal/diary is my way of attempting to accomplish the following:

  • Keeping in the daily practice of doing what I love
  • Working consistently at stretching myself and improving at the photographic craft
  • Learning to develop my style, or what I've come to term (and I'm sure this term is not original) my unique "photographic voice."
  • Sharing what I do with other people
  • And maybe, just maybe ... finding people who say, "Hey! I like what you do. Will you come take pictures for me?"
  • Having a visual record not only of my daily life, but of my development as a photographer.

I know I have a lot of growing to do where this art is concerned, and this is one important way I intend to achieve just that.

I'm ready to practice and get better.

* * *

NOTE: While I may not literally post photos by the end of every day, I will be taking them every day and posting them as soon as I get the chance (I have a very demanding little girl, what can I say?). The photos I post will always be scheduled for the date on which they were taken (not necessarily the same day on which I actually post).

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